Homemade Guac

FIESTA FRIDAY is finally here! Nothing better than ending the LONG work week with some homemade Guac, some tortillas, and a nice Margarita!

Let me just tell you this… my Guac is different every time I make it. So I will just tell you guys what I did this time around…

2-3 ripe Avocados 🥑

Half of a White Onion

1 Jalapeño – I like the seeds in it and all 🌶

Handful of Grape Tomatoes 🍅

Teaspoon of minced Garlic

One FULL juice of a Lime

A pinch of Salt and Pepper

So to be truthfully honest, I just threw this all into a bowl and smushed it together…nothing pretty. I like my Guac a little more chunky too as you can tell above with almost whole tomatoes in the mix.

In our household, we (more so me) can eat Guacamole everyday or even a dip with a nice crunchy chip. If I go out to a restaurant, you better bet I am getting extra Guac on the side (even if its an extra $4.00). Anyways, we love experiencing different types of Guacamole. Sometimes we throw some Pineapple, Mango, goat cheese or even herbs like Basil and Cilantro in it to spice it up!

Let me know how you enjoy your Guacamole, what you eat it with, or even another dip I should try!

Trip to Saint Augustine

Our first visit to Saint Augustine

Our first trip to Saint Augustine was amazing! I would highly recommend to include this little city in your plans if you ever need a place to stop on a trip to Florida. Saint Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied city in the United States! When I say this town is amazing, I truly mean it; from the bright colored homes/buildings, the small shops, the beaches, the history, everything. I told my soon to be husband this would be a town I would love to retire in! (SO LONG AWAY) The picture above is Flagler college which is BEAUTIFUL.. I wish I went here for college after getting the chance to walk around and learn about the campus.

There are so many shops, old restaurants, places to go sight seeing, and much more here. I would highly recommend going to a beach bar for a bigger lunch/dinner instead of planning a meal in the town… whether it is The Conch House (view below) with a little bar on the water or Beaches that the whole outdoors is entirely on the intercoastal. I think this is a good ending spot to a long spent day in this amazing town.

The Conch House – sitting in the tiki huts for lunch.

I took my soon to be husband to Saint Augustine for a birthday exploration surprise (he is very into exploring new areas…). We got the chance to walk down Saint George Street which is a cobble stone pathway filled with people walking up and down, jumping into restaurants and little stores. One cool bar to go to is called Prohibition Kitchen; it has an amazing (HUGE) soft pretzel with beer cheese and some pretty cool drinks with live music daily. Another pretty cool place to go is called Sangrias, where they make their Sangria in front of you! I, of course, wanted to try something small at every little store which made our time walking this street a lot longer than we planned… but this is the reason we didn’t have a sit down meal because I was a little full from snacking all day!

Saint George Street – popping in for a Lime Mojito popsicle from The Hyppo Gourmet Ice Pops.

Another place that we got to explore was the Castillo de San Marcos (picture below) – which is a fortress in Saint Augustine. The fort was not only so historic to even be near but it had amazing views of the city and the views of the water were just steps away. When we took the tour inside of the fort, it was $15 per person… it could of changed but I would highly recommend including this little stop before heading out since it is filled with rooms of historic information to read up on… and because it is a cool place to say you got to explore!

Lastly, we just took a trip down to the ocean since we were so close to it… I know some might pass this portion since the town has so many things to go explore over the beach but I will say the ocean here is SO PRETTY. The sand was so white and if you looked closely, you could find little shark teeth along the shore line! The beach was not really that crowded.. but we did also visit here in April so not the Summer months yet for the tourists. The water was so blue with the sun shining bright! I would HIGHLY recommend this town.

Let me know some cool places you have explored before… give me some ideas for our next exploration adventure!