My First Blog Post

Hi guys!

My name is Danielle and I am just a twenty six year old trying to share my life with all of you! I moved states away this year with my soon to be husband who I have been dating for seven years! So not only did we pick up and move to a whole other state but we got engaged, bought a home, and learned how to live with each other all within less than ONE YEAR. STRESSFUL but very rewarding for our relationship!

I decided to just start a little page to share my experiences in life as a twenty-six year old who has done more in the past year than I have my whole life! Man, will I tell you some days are a struggle without family or friends… But one of the best things is learning the little things in life that I never realized my parents, family, and friends taught me… cooking, cleaning, bills, relatinships, experiences… I could go on forever.

So mainly this page is for me to share things I learn on my own, experiences I share with my soon to be husband starting a new life of our own out here, maybe some recipes I have tried that we do and sometimes don’t like… and a lot more.

Stay tuned for more!